Where to live in Riga: best neighborhoods in Riga for students 2017

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Riga has the most diverse neighborhood selection in the Baltic States, therefore you will be able to find a home that fits your needs in no time. Of course, first you need to do some proper due diligence. Urban Treetops team created a guide for best neighborhoods in Riga 2017 – you are more than welcome!

We chose 6 neighborhoods to live in Riga for students in 2017 taking into account following criteria:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Recreational activities
  • Reviews of Local inhabitants.


The city center of Riga is one of the most spectacular places in Northern Europe due to its vast and untouched architecture. The urban view consists of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and the 19th-century wooden architecture that are a truly unique value in the European architecture with no analogs anywhere else in the world.

The Freedom Monument is a memorial located in Riga, Center neighborhood
The Freedom Monument is a memorial located in Riga, Center neighborhood


There are few places in Northern Europe that achieve the same variety as neighborhood of Center in Riga.

  • you neighbors: working professionals who uses public transportation
  • many pre-war residential building in decent price range
  • great restaraunts and fast food places
  • bussy weekdays due to the 9-to-5 working hours
  • very lively weekend nights
  • getting to other parts of the city is efficient
  • an urban place with artistic touch.

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The Quiet center is one of the most distinguished and exclusive neighborhoods in Riga with fantastic architectural values and luxury residential apartments.

Alberta Street in Quiet Center neighborhood
Alberta Street in Quiet Center neighborhood


The quiet center offers a wide range of catering services. Most of them are high-quality restaurants, coffee shops or wine tastings. The quiet center runs without bars – they don’t fit well for this neighborhood. This is how Quiet Center is trying to hold its prestige. Also, you will rarely find a fast food restaurants in this Art-Nouveau neighborhood.

Given the high number of tourists, catering shops can’t complain about the influx of people. Of course, the price need match the quality of services.

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The Old town of Riga is the heart of cultural and architectural heritage of Latvia and the Baltic States.  The Old town was the starting point for the expansion of Riga which was founded in 1201. As a former Hanseatic League member, Riga established its name as a trading and logistics powerhouse in late 13th and early 14th century.

Community of Old Town, Riga
Community of Old Town, Riga


The community consists of peculiar people starting from international business people to the youth of hipster generation. A noteworthy fact is that the old town is a destination location for both tourists and residents. However on the weekends, the old town neighborhood is more overcrowded with tourists than on weekdays.


Which kind explains why Riga is a good weekend gateway vacation place for whole Northern and Western Europeans. The old town of Riga is a great place for history enthusiasts and lovers of architecture that appreciate the values of past. With multicultural community, the neighborhood residents are provided with rear opportunity to live between two worlds – past and future. Be a part of the community that stays noble and appreciates the heritage. Old town is a surprising place to live!

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The neighborhood of Grīziņkalns and its one of kind wooden residential buildings and a newly renovated park is a hidden pearl of Riga. You will love to run or walk in the nearby park, which will give you a great energy boost. You can most certainly feel the soul in the neighborhood of Grīziņkalns. In the meantime, you will admire the beautiful architecture of the neighborhood.

Grīziņkalns is one of the greenest neighborhoods in the summer time
Grīziņkalns is one of the greenest neighborhoods in the summer time


In last couple years, the neighborhood of Grizinkalns has changed dramatically. There was a period from the early 1990s to 2010 when it was not encouraging to live in the neighborhood. However since then there have been visible improvements. That has helped to young families, students, and couples to the neighborhood. All of this has made the neighborhood much more prosperous and livelier.

he neighborhood is a host for a number of great activities for kids and teenagers. It feels that the neighborhood is gaining a new soul and an extremely positive vibe. You will adjust to neighborhood quickly because of its diversified community that helps to preserve the culture and lifestyle of the Grizinkalns.  The generations of families living in the neighborhood provide a feeling of traditions and coziness.

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In the middle of 19th, a dense construction, and strategic planning was launched in the neighborhood of Avoti (in Latvian: water fount). A formerly swampy place was turned into a lovely neighborhood for factory workers. In the late 19th century and early 20th-century construction of multi-residential rental housing was in full power.
Avoti - Ģertrūdes Street
Avoti – Ģertrūdes Street
As a result, nowadays the neighborhood have vast examples of Art Nouveau architecture. After visiting the neighborhood you will be captivated by the experience. A truly unique fact is the early wooden residential housing from the middle of the 19th-century which is still preserved. Today the neighborhood is facing long needed renewal.
The neighborhood of Avoti provides the residents with a variety of opportunities: hair salons, boutique shopping stores and creative spaces where you can express your talents! Avoti is one of the coolest and freshest neighborhoods in Riga.
All of this, plus the vibrant community gives the neighborhood of Avoti magical feeling. Of course, you need to add few coffee shops in the neighborhood to make it more trendy. However, maybe it is good as it is without the mainstream characteristics.
The neighborhood is getting long-needed renovation and remodeling. In most of the cases, it is done by the initiatives of the local community, that has stepped up the game in recent years. You can definitely feel the historical development tendencies of the neighborhood.

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The neighborhood of Agenskalns is located on the left side of River Daugava between Kalnciema Street and Riga-Jurmala railway. Agenskalns is best known for its extensive architecture and landscaped parks, ponds, and waterfront of the river Daugava. Of course, nowadays Agenskalns is facing rapid transformation.
The neighborhood with rich architectural roots is a great place to buy an apartment in existing residential apartment buildings as well as in new developments. One of the most important architectural additions to the neighborhood is the National Library – the Castle of Light.
Āgenskalns neighborhood
Āgenskalns neighborhood
Beyond public green space, the residents of Agenskalns prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. The neighborhood also is a host for one of the best educational institutions in Latvia: several faculties of Riga Technical University (RTU), RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology and much more! With universities and active communities surrounding your apartment, you will notice people jogging in the parks or just walking their pets.
Grassy Spring in the park – by Urban Treetops
In the neighborhood, we can actually see that a strong and creative community is the key to success for improving the neighborhood. Additionally, Agenskalns has that hipster vibe which makes it, even more, friendlier and pleasurable for daily life. Can it get any better than this? Try to find it out on your own in the neighborhood of Agensklans!

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Find out more about neighborhoods in Riga by visiting Urban Treetops neighborhood guide or by contacting our team of real estate experts. We will help you to find your home in Riga.

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