Struggling to find your new home in New York or other global cities?

As the world gets more and more globalized we wanted to create a professional and supportive guidance on your real estate needs. We have started the initiative of connecting the global cities by providing neighborhood and community guidance for two different cities on two different continents. So let's start with Riga, Latvia, European Union, and New York City, New York, United States.

Why we chose these two cities? Because we have lived there, worked, studied, and built our lives around them. Therefore, please go and review our neighborhood guides, and if you are interested to find your new home either in New York, or Riga, reach out to us

Neighborhood criteria [transport, access, architecture, etc.]



Hudson Square Urban Treetops

What you will learn

Neighborhood development

How the neighborhood has been developing over time. What the future holds for your neighborhood!

Community factor

How is the community of the respective neighborhood, is it a match for your needs?

Market trends

What are the real estate market trends in New York? Is it better to rent or buy an apartment? Macro and micro economical trends of neighborhoods.

Buildings and Architecture

What are the architecture, building history, and overall infrastructure charecatrization.

New York Guide UrbanTreetops

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