Green is better than concrete: 16 things Riga can learn from New York City

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It wouldn’t be right to compare cities that are in two different weight categories. Therefore, we are not comparing if Riga is better or worse than New York City. We will list the good things about one of the most diverse cities in the world – New York. Let’s see if there are things that we can learn from New York and maybe make some improvements in our own city – Riga. We at Urban Treetops are pretty sure that Riga can learn some valuable lessons. 

1: A good and attractive city branding = Meant for all people.


2: Parks are not only a public area. It is an area for the community and neighbouring businesses.

3: People need to feel welcome in the city.

4: What is the image of city from the outside? It has to be attractive.

5: Inclusion of new constructions in the urban environment.


6: Pre-war buildings, is a wonderful place for living. Also in the city center.


7: The city needs more free space, where it is possible.


8: Water body, a great added value to the city.


9: The greener the better.


10: The cultivation of gardening and landscaping skills in city parks.


11: The inclusion of pre-war building into a modern urban environment.


12: The surrounding neigbhorhoods should be connected to the city park.


13: Highlighting the details, where it is possible.


14: A good example: LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communication network, bringing the fastest free public Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers and visitors –

This is a serious infrastructure project that would be great for so many cities around the world – including Riga


15: What is the image of city from the outside? It has to be attractive.

Urban Treetops - New York


16: The city need to have a future with high quality and transparent city management.

Urban Treetops - New York


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