Riga for students and importance of community

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Urban Treetops understands the importance of finding a great community in Riga. When you have chosen your academic path and decided where you are going to study it is very important to surround you with supporting community. How can you find and build a great community in Riga? How can you use it to your advantage to open a business,  launch a start-up, organize events or just have a good and interesting time? 

Modernsim vs pre-war building in the neighborhood of Agenskalns
Modernism vs pre-war building in the neighborhood of Agenskalns

What is a community?

We all have the great ideas about changing the world and the first step towards it is to get an education. If you have selected university in Riga then you may start to wonder, how can I use my time more productively? At first, you really need to get to know the community in Riga.

You can do that by:

  • going to meetups, check out the local meetup groups
  • going to community events (check our blog for the community activities or local facebook pages for information)
  • going to nightclubs and bars in the old town of Riga
  • visiting the neighborhoods, parks, landmarks, and streets
  • jogging in the streets, parks or right next to the Daugava river bank promenade
  • organizing your own event or starting a startup business
  • doing an internship job, working or volunteering
  • many other things and activities.


Afterward, you should use the gained knowledge and experience not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of people who surround you. You can and you should be a part of building a stronger community in the city of Riga. The community that you build or choose is going to be people who relate to one another on the basis of various factors. 

We assume that these factors can be:

  • similar activities you are sharing
  • similar interests and thought processes
  • studying in the same university
  • same building and neighborhood
  • representing the same organization or foundation.

Necessarily, it does not need to be associated with the same locality, because more and more international students are choosing Riga as their destination to study. Additionally, it is important to use the opportunity to get to know the people who are living in your building. Urban Treetops believe that real estate is the key to building a successful community.

Student Life in Riga

So how can you start a successful student life in Riga? To start a successful student life in Riga or anywhere else, you need to surround yourself with a diversified community. Of course, we can not compare the city of Riga to New York, Paris or London, but you will be surprised of how many opportunities Riga is offering.


The key thing is to understand how to utilize these opportunities and where to find them. Riga is offering a vast base of talented people. Although officially in Riga lives around 600 thousand people we can add at least 100 thousand people who everyday commutes to Riga to work. Urban Treetops is has developed several recommendations on how to capitalize on the community. As well as the time that you will spend in Riga as a student. Please see bellow the recommendations:  

  • parallel to academical contacts you gain in University, you need gather business contacts (you should be in the forefront in using Riga to your advantage)
  • there is a great base of human capital: engineers, software developers, medical specialists, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs
  • really convenient to start you own startup, and base your company in Riga
  • cheaper rental opportunities for residential rental apartments and commercial spaces than in other European capital cities
  • opportunity to study on your free time in National Library of Latvia a.k.a Castle of Light (free internet access and plenty of books)
  • a lot of technical and knowledgeable community events
  • plenty of informative and scientific seminars
  • recreational activity events (not only good for health but great for building a business network)
  • cheap and fast internet, often accessible for free in various coffee shops and cafes
Multi residential apartment building in the neighborhood of Agenskalns
Multi residential apartment building in the neighborhood of Agenskalns

In conclusion, Urban Treetops is suggesting to combine both the academic knowledge and professional experience. We believe that in Riga you can achieve more goals in a faster time period than in any other European capital. However, at the end of the day, your success as a student will depend on your decision-making and work ethic.

To get a consultation please contact us and we will try to help you with answering your questions about how to start a student life in Riga. Especially, if you are trying to find a rental apartment and if you have questions about neighborhoods of Riga.

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