Discover Mežciems

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A major construction of residential apartment buildings in the neighborhood of Mežciems started in the 1970s. After typical and unattractive Soviet-style construction examples, a massive neighborhood of blockhouses was constructed. In these days the technical condition of buildings is questionable.

Actually, Mežciems was densely inhabited already in the 17th century by local farmers. The name of Mežciems is coming from the two-word combination: forest and village. Even nowadays the territory of the neighborhood is mostly covered with forests. A forest near to city center is a valuable asset that many real estate developers understand.

Similar to other neighborhoods in Riga, many new constructions have been added to Mežciems. Changes have been made to the local community by adding young families with medium and high-income income. Without historical significance, but with nature right next to the city doorsteps Mežciems is a great place to live in.

Mežciems is one of the outermost neighborhoods in Riga. However, the traffic arteries are well connected. If you want to go for a run or a walking tour in the Mežciems forest, you can either use a car or public transport (bus, minibus or trolley) to reach the destination for recreational activities. Located in the eastern part of the city, Mežciems is effectively connected with the city center and other neighborhoods in Riga. Encircled by Jugla and Smerlis (Šmerlis) forest, its a true nature reservoir in the city!

We could not characterize Mezciems as a really vibrant and artistic neighborhood. However, Mezciems is offering various places for active recreation and family life. You will most certainly enjoy the running trails in the Mezciems forest. Those running trails in winter time are turning into great skiing tracks. Mezciems is relatively new in comparison to other neighborhoods in Riga.
Which means that there are plenty of space for soul searching and establishing a unique and special community. Also, do not be scared by the loud roar if you hear one because Bikernieku racing track is located in Mezciems. You will definitley receive some positive energy from the neighborhood.
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With a limited inventory of new constructions on the market and with steady real estate price growth, Mezciems is a desirable place for young families. On the secondary market, we can find apartments in multi-residential apartment buildings built in the Soviet time that is still on demand.
Mostly because the apartment prices are cheaper than in new constructions. This gives opportunity to families with medium income that are trying to find cheaper apartments. Therefore, real estate market in Mezciems is going to be more competitive for this kind of apartments. At the end, it is going to depend on the price and location.