Outside of the city | Riga to Sigulda

March 28, 2017 Rihards Gederts No comments exist

One of the ways how to explore the city of Riga, Latvia is by going outside of the city borders and getting some fresh air. We at Urban Treetops were inspired by visiting one of the most beautiful areas in Latvia: Sigulda which is 50 km away from Riga.

We belive that connection between natural areas similar to Sigulda and urban areas is a key element for attracting younger demographics to modern cities. Which of course is an important indicator for the sustainable development of an urban city.

Connection between Urban Areas and Natural Areas

So how can we make this connection to happen? Well we need:

  • infratructure

  • information

  • increase community interest

  • urban home <-> natural area

  • the right spirit.

Of course, it was just a quick sketch of what we need – but you got the picture. Which natural areas are inspiring you the most?


Urban Treetops is providing a comfortable real estate experience to our clients in the light of community interest – urbantreetops.com


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