My first rental home in Riga, how to find it?

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Finding a great place to live is challenging no matter where you are. The question is how to find your first home in Riga? To find a good quality apartment or a home in Riga can take some serious due diligence and persistence.


Rental Apartments In Riga

There is no shortage of rental apartments in Riga but the quality will significantly depend on how much you are willing to pay. Due to demographical shit and falling population in Riga the competition for vacant rental apartments is not as high as in other European capitals. The rental price amount will be affected by the neighborhood you choose. In most cases, the closer the distance to the city center of Riga the higher rental price you will need pay. Before choosing your new rental home make sure that you check our neighborhood guide. We also made a list of factors that will impact your choice. Especially, if you are a student or an individual from other country looking for a rental apartment in Riga.

The Key Factors

  • Monthly rent and Security Deposit
  • Commute
  • Quality of Building
  • Neighborhood
  • Apartment Size
  • Utilities (heating, gas, electricity and water supply).

Challenges and Issues

  • Sign a written contract and save all the documents
  • Connect with previous tenants
  • Take photos of the place before you move in
  • Know your legal rights and obligations
  • What happens at the end of fixed term
Stabu street, Riga
Stabu street, Riga

Nex step: Making the decision

After you have cleared these factors and found out all the necessary information you should be ready to move in and start your life in your new rental home in the city of Riga. You can always contact us and we can try to help you with answering those uncertainties or questions you may have about renting an apartment in Riga. If you want to live in the center neighborhood then we recommend researching about the neighborhood you decided to live in.

We suggest you to visit the following streets (or in Latvian language street is know as iela) in Riga to get the sense of the neighborhood and community:

  • Ģertrūdes iela
  • Stabu iela 
  • Čaka iela
  • Avotu iela 
  • Lienes iela 
  • Alberta iela
  • Lāčplēša iela
  • Elizabetes iela
  • Marijas iela
  • Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela
  • Krišjāņa Barona iela
  • Tērbatas iela
  • Brīvības iela
  • Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela
  • etc., for more detailed information check out the map of center neighborhood.
Avotu neighborhood, Riga
Avotu neighborhood, Riga

Mainly in the city center, you will find rental options in pre-war buildings. Of course, in recent years we can see more and more new constructions being built and pre-war building renovated. You can also find other areas that you are interested, especially if you are a student and you are looking for a nearby distance to your university.

We know that it can be stressful to move to a new country or a new city. Therefore, Urban Treetops will help you to find the best rental housing options in the city of Riga. At the end, everyone wants to belong and feel safe in their neighborhoods and community. This goes hand in hand with the apartment that the individual chooses either for a short term or long term renting.

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